Man Who Pulled Gun On Protesters Says He’s A Victim Of ‘Terrorism’ And His ‘Life Has Been Ruined’ By Video

by : Julia Banim on : 04 Jul 2020 15:39

Man Who Pulled Gun On Protesters Says He's A Victim Of 'Terrorism' And His 'Life Has Been Ruined' By VideoPA Images

A St. Louis homeowner who pulled a gun on Black Lives Matter protesters has described himself as being a victim of ‘terrorism’, stating that his life has been ‘ruined’ after footage of he and his wife went viral.

Personal-injury attorney Mark McCloskey, 63, and his wife Patricia McCloskey, 61, went viral after footage emerged of them brandishing guns at protesters who had been marching by their Forest Park home en route to challenge Mayor Lyda Krewson.

The couple have since faced a widespread backlash following the incident which unfolded on Sunday, June 28.


You can find out more in the following clip:


The protesters in question had entered the street in the gated community to demonstrate against Democrat Mayor Krewson, who lives in a neighbourhood adjacent to the McCloskeys.

Mayor Krewson had been criticised by activists for making public the names of those who had been calling for the defunding of police departments.


Speaking with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, McCloskey stated that he had been ‘in imminent fear they would run me over, kill me’:

I was a person scared for my life, protecting my wife, my home, my hearth, my livelihood. I was a victim of a mob that came through the gate.

I didn’t care what color they were. I didn’t care what their motivation was. I was frightened. I was assaulted.

Mark McCloskeyPA

McCloskey – who claims his life has been ‘ruined’ by the incident – also asserted that it was was ‘ridiculous’ to consider him to be the face of opposition to the Black Lives Matter movement.


He claimed that one protester had brandished two pistols, telling him, ‘you’re next’, leading him to point his own weapon.

He said:

They were coming at us until I displayed the weapon, and that’s what stopped them.

McCloskey proceeded to describe the protesters’ actions as ‘social intimidation’ as well as a form of terrorism, telling CNN:


What’s the definition of terrorism? To use violation and intimidation to frighten the public. That’s what was happening that night, that’s what happened to me — that’s the damage I suffered.

Mark McCloskeyPA

In a separate interview with Fox News, McCloskey said:

When I saw that mob coming through the gate with their rage and their anger, I thought that we would be overrun in a second.

By the time I was out there with my rifle, the people were 20 or 30 feet from my front wall. I was literally afraid that within seconds they would surmount the wall and come into the house, kill us, burn the house down and everything that I had worked for and struggled for for the last 32 years.

[…] I saw it all going up in flames and my life destroyed in an instant and I did what I thought I had to do to protect my hearth, my home and my family.


McCloskey has reportedly been offended by accusations that his actions had been racist, stating that his 30-year legal career had involved helping people ‘that need a voice’:

I don’t understand. Here’s the interesting thing, I spent my career defending people that are defenceless […] This is what I do for a living. I help people that are down or that need a hand and people that need a voice.

To call us racist is ridiculous and it had nothing to do with race. I wasn’t worried what the race was [of] the mob that came through my gate, I was worried that I was going to be killed. I didn’t care what race they were.

St LouisPA

In the aftermath of the incident, St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner stated that her office was now investigating whether or not the McCloskeys had broken the law by pointing guns at the protesters:

My office is currently working with the public and police to investigate these events.

Make no mistake: we will not tolerate the use of force against those exercising their First Amendment rights, and will use the full power of Missouri law to hold people accountable.

In the now widely seen footage, Mark McCloskey can be seen holding an assault-style rifle, with Patricia McCloskey wielding a handgun.

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