Man Who Was Tortured By Girlfriend Bravely Reveals Horrific Scars

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this morning itv domestic abuse violence alex skeelthis morning itv domestic abuse violence alex skeelITV/This Morning

A man who was continually physically and psychologically tortured by his girlfriend in a shocking case of domestic abuse has spoken out about his experience.

22-year-old Alex Skeel was denied food, bedding, contact with his family and clothing by his now ex-girlfriend Jordan Worth throughout their five year relationship.


Jordan, also 22, has been jailed for seven years after admitting to grievous bodily harm with intent following pouring boiling water over Alex leading to him suffering second and third-degree burns.

She was given a further six months in prison for coercive and controlling behaviour.

alex skeel domestiv violence abuse this morning itvalex skeel domestiv violence abuse this morning itvThis Morning/ITV

In an interview with ITV‘s This Morning earlier today (April 18), Alex explained how a seemingly normal relationship turned toxic.


First meeting at college when they were both 16 Alex and Jordan were just a ‘normal’ couple but things soon started to turn sour:

She would belittle me calling me ‘stupid’ and ‘thick’ all the time. One day I was sitting in the bedroom and she came in and said my mum has just got a message on her phone.

‘Your grandad has died.’ Me and my grandad are tight. She let me believe it for two hours, I was crying.

About half an hour after that she said, ‘Why do you care?’ She then told me it didn’t happen, its not true.

You can watch the interview with Alex here:

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From there things only went more downhill as Jordan started controlling Alex’s social media accounts and took his phone away preventing him from contacting anyone.

When they moved in together in 2016, the physical abuse started:

It started off I was lying in the bed. She’d wait until I was asleep then hit me on the head with a bottle. Then she moved on to a hammer. Started hitting me everywhere – shins, arms, head.

I was made to sleep on the floor for about eight months. There was nothing I could do. I had no way of contacting anyone and if I ever tried to leave she told me she would kill me.

She started stabbing me with a knife, hit me like it was a weapon. It would leave big gashes that were untreated.

Then we went to go watch a concert. I woke up because she was pouring boiling water over my back. It was like an alarm call.

He also showed hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield a scar on one of his hands left from Jordan’s knife wounds saying if it was a centimetre either side he could have died.

alex skeel domestiv violence abuse this morning itvalex skeel domestiv violence abuse this morning itvThis Morning/ITV

Alex added it wasn’t until neighbours called the police after hearing screaming coming from their apartment did he open up to an officer about what was happening.

From there Alex took it further leading to Jordan becoming the first woman to be convicted of these offences.

When Phil asked Alex how he feels about Jordan now, he replied:


I don’t need to waste my energy thinking about her. There is no need for that.

Alex concluded by saying people only understand why he didn’t get out only if they have been through it themselves.

However, he encouraged others to ‘talk’ as ‘if you talk about it, you’re going to get better’.

If you’ve been affected by any of these issues and want to speak to someone in confidence contact Mankind‘s helpline for male victims of domestic abuse and domestic violence on 01823 334244. Call 999 if in immediate danger. Do not suffer in silence.

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