Man Who Went Missing After Taking This Selfie Found Alive And Well 1,800 Miles Away


A tourist who was reported as missing after he took a selfie on Lake Tahoe last week has been found alive and well more than 1,800 miles away.

Zbigniew Moryn, from Poland, was reported missing last Wednesday after his paddle board, lifejacket and GoPro camera were found floating in the body of water near California.

After police released a series of selfies taken by the adventurer in a bid to locate him, Moryn has been tracked down – and it turns out he was in Missouri, continuing with his travels and blissfully unaware of efforts to track him down.

Moryn, who was travelling the world, rented the board from a hire company on the lake the day he went missing. The tourist has now explained to police that he’d given up his equipment for lost after he was knocked off the board by the wake from a large boat.

He wasn’t wearing his lifejacket at the time, so he decided to swim to shore rather than try and get back to the board.

Strangely enough, Moryn said he did go back to the rental shop to return the paddle he clung to when he fell off the board, yet the same shop reported him missing just several hours later. Smooth…

Anyway, via social media, South Lake Tahoe police were eventually able to track down Moryn’s travel companion, who lives in Arizona, who then put them in touch with Moryn himself.

Police actually contacted the FBI, several embassies, and also visited hotels and casinos in a bid to locate Moryn, a task made more difficult by the fact that the tourist had left no personal details with the rental company.

Now that the big man has been found, police are sending his GoPro camera back to him in the mail. All’s well that ends well, eh?