Man Who Won £14 Million On Lottery Makes Surprising Decision


While most of us dream of winning the lottery and packing in work it seems that some people are a bit more down to Earth.

Take John Doherty, a plumber from Scotland, who won a whopping £14 million on the national lottery but was back at work just two days later, the Daily Mail reports

The 52-year-old father of two won £14,671,343 with wife Alison, but says he’d get too bored sitting around at home all day and didn’t want to let his loyal customers down.


John said:

I really enjoy my work – I’ve been doing it a long time. I want to stay grounded. I’ve got a lot of loyal customers and I don’t want to let them down.

I’m doing stuff that was arranged before all this happened. So I’m just carrying on.

Mr Doherty set up his own company, JDPS plumbing and heating engineer firm, back in 1984 and has a loyal older customer base.


However just because he’s still working doesn’t mean that he’s not having fun and Mr Doherty’s already said he plans on treating himself when everything’s settled down.

He explained:

I’ll probably slow down a wee bit. – I’d like to go four days a week — but I still want to keep doing it because it’s mine. If I was working for someone else I’d be away.

John and Alison nearly missed out on the winning ticket though and the couple’s numbers only came up when she let anther customer go ahead of her in the queue in her local shop.


After the humble couple’s numbers came up they hid the winning slip under a lantern at home because they’d got a holiday to Florida booked and only got the ticket validated when they came home.

The pair celebrated with a £45 Domino’s and Alison bought a £300 Coach designer handbag.

Not quitting work’s admirable but I think if it had been me I’d have been straight back on holiday…