Man Who’s ‘Been To The 45th Century’ Reveals His Time-Travel Machine

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Another week, another person claiming they have visited the future. But this man has the evidence showing off his simply incredible time-travelling machine.

A Slovenian man known only as ‘David’, we aren’t certain this is his real name though because, you know…conspiracies, claims to have left his family for eight years to research time travelling.

Having studied physics from childhood, David says he used his knowledge to build his own time machine just like in Back To The Future. But this is real life!

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His amazing machine can send people through time using only electricity and water. My mind has just blown!

During his travels David claims he met a mysterious man known as ‘Jack Lion Cousteau’ who had also created a time travelling machine. Well if two people can do it the feat is less impressive!

Speaking to Apex TV, David explained why he embarked on this adventure:

I dreamt about making a time machine. Eight years ago I left everything, even my family, to make the machine. It was my main goal.

During that investigation I have passed through the whole world. I have found facts.

I met person who had a wound on the head from a laser weapon. Another person show me a photo from the 35th century.

In France I even met a person who had made a time machine. He told me that the machine had been made three years ago and during the time he had traveled only 40 times.

You can watch David’s full interview here:

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Through his emphasis on the word ‘only’, it appears David is less than impressed Jack only used the machine 40 times in three years. Apparently it just isn’t good enough Jack.

But on how many occasions have you travelled through time David? You may say it is ‘a lot’ but why won’t you put a number on it? Your machine also won’t send you back to the past as you openly admit. Are you jealous of Jack’s remarkable achievements?

I smell another conspiracy.

As David discovered though, time travelling can be damaging to your health, which he explains:

I found out that traveling can hurt very much because the machine works by the help of the electric energy.

It passed through wall barrier and could leave serious damage.

It can’t be forgotten the pain I felt when the energy passed through my body.

Yeah I imagine that could hurt!

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According to David the 45th century is nothing like the world we live in today.

He enlightened us, describing the future:

The buildings have more than 500 floors but the flying machines were the most interesting.

And since this is the only thing he told us about the future, it must have been a bland place.

Or maybe he just didn’t visit the future and is making the whole thing up? If this is the case though you could have done better David. Really? One line about what the 45th century looks like?

Where is your imagination sir?

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