Man Who ‘Died 30 Times’ Explains What Happens When You Die

by : UNILAD on : 13 May 2017 18:11

Think you’re a big dog because you once drank 20 pints on a night out, or ate a plate of chicken wings doused in Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin’ Sauce? You’re nothing compared to this geezer who managed to survive a heart attack despite dying 30 times.


Yep, you read that right. Valiant Mkhitar Tariyeva, from Moscow, Russia, was rushed to hospital and into intensive care after suffering a cardiac arrest.

By the time the 55-year-old got there, he was already in a coma. For the next half-an-hour, medical officials worked tirelessly on Mkhitar, later revealing that he was considered clinically dead on a whopping 30 occasions – a potential record.

Mkhitar spoke to Russian news page Mash, describing the ordeal.


According to the Daily Star, he said:

In a dream I wanted to go somewhere but someone shook my hand and said it’s not time yet.

I consider my doctors to be like my parents because they have me a second life. This is a miracle!

You can say that again, mate. I doubt any of us could come out on the other side of something so savage. Last week, I had a few roulette Doritos and that almost coated me off!

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  1. Daily Star

    Man who died 30 cimtes during surgery reveals what he saw on the other side