Man Wins £206 Million In Lottery, Brother Wins £5

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Always be nice to your siblings. Because one day they might win the lottery, and you’ll win $7.

Earlier this week, James Stocklas, 67, and his brother, Bob, bought lottery tickets on the way home from the beach. Turns out James hit the jackpot, winning the $291 million (almost £206 million) Powerball. Bob won $7 (not even £5).

James, a Pennsylvania judge, and his brother, were wrapping up a monthlong fishing trip in the Florida Keys when they both bought their winning tickets, CNN reports.

James had returned to work and was sitting at the restaurant where he eats breakfast every day when he checked the lottery numbers on his phone. After realising he had won a whopping $291 million, he celebrated by picking up the entire restaurants bill.

He told his local newspaper in Pennsylvania: “I was yelling and I bought everyone in the diner breakfast. When I found out, I was shaking for an hour straight.”

Details weren’t given about how Bob found out he won £5. But I doubt he bought everyone breakfast.

And the Florida Lottery, not forgetting about Bob, presented him with an oversized cheque alongside his brother – possibly to put him to shame, possibly to try and make him feel better.

I don’t know about Bob, but I would definitely start being a kiss-ass as soon as.