Man With ‘DEVAST8’ Tattoo Reveals He’s Found The Right Job For Him

Facebook / Taneia-Mark Ruki-Cropp

The man who complained he couldn’t find work due to a huge ‘Devast8’ Face Tattoo has finally accepted a job offer.

After taking to social media last week pleading for a chance to work, 19-year-old Mark Cropp was swamped with job offers.

However, the former prisoner made even more headlines after admitting he’d turned down 45 job offers, saying he was ‘waiting for the right one’ to come along.

Facebook / Taneia-Mark Ruki-Cropp

But Mark is now ready to start work after accepting a job offer near his home in Auckland, his girlfriend Taneia Ruki told Daily Mail Australia.


Mark has accepted a local scaffolding job.

He could be starting as early as Monday. We are all still locking in the starting day.

Mark has also accepted free tattoo removal from Sacred Tattoo in Kingsland, with that process starting next week.

Facebook/Taneia-Mark Ruki-Cropp.

The 19-year-old was arrested while his partner was eight months pregnant for threatening a tourist with a knife during a drug deal gone wrong. He served two years and three months.

His brother gave him the tattoo while he was serving time in jail, in the hope that it would scare off other prisoners. They were reportedly both drunk on hooch at the time.

Mark has now expressed his regrets about the violent crime, committed while he was drunk and on cocaine:

I regret what I did, you know. People shouldn’t have to come to New Zealand and have that put upon them.

I apologised 100 per cent and asked for restorative justice with them. If I could turn back time, I would.

It’s the start of him turning his life around, good luck to him.