Man With Knife In His Eye Spotted Calmly Waiting To Be Seen At Hospital


Warning: Graphic Content Ahead

A patient with a knife lodged in his eye socket waited very calmly at an A & E in China.

Yesterday we posted an article on how a teenager calmly called up the emergency services after having his legs cut off in a train accident. Well this 30-year-old Chinese man has matched his collective calmness after he was spotted queuing to see a Doctor.

Final Warning: This IS NOT Pretty

People's Daily Online

Well, that was pleasant to look at wasn’t it? First thing on your internet browser and you see this.

It had us feeling like this:

The unidentified hardman stunned medical staff and other patients with his nonchalant behaviour as he waited to see a doctor. It’s also been reported that he was bleeding heavily whilst waiting to be seen at the Fujian Provincial Hospital in Fuzhou on March 11.

One eye witness said the man conducted himself ‘normally’ despite waiting until one 1am to be seen. When he was finally seen to, his CT Scan showed that the blade was lodged 3.4 inches (8.7 cm) into his skull through to his eye socket.

People's Daily Online

Miraculously the blade had missed his eyeball, arteries and brain stem, somehow avoiding any serious damage. Doctors were able to safely remove the knife from his eye and clean the wound. The unknown man then left the hospital shortly afterwards.

He was seen by Dr. Xin Huining, the Deputy Supervisor of the hospital’s Department of Neurosurgery. Naturally he was left stunned when he saw his patient.

Talking to a local reporter he said:

I’ve been a doctor for 15 years. [His condition] left me astonished.

People's Daily Online

According to the Dr. Xin, the man never reported the attack to the police prior to being seen and it remains unknown if he reported it after leaving the hospital.

Just, wow.