Man With Phobia Of Lemons Kills Friend After Being Taunted


Police in Turkey are investigating probably one of the most bizarre murders ever…

A man killed his friend after he taunted him with his worst fear, a lemon.


The man – who has only be identified as M.O. – was charged after he was arrested and told police that he couldn’t stand the sight of the fruit, adding that lemons ‘make me crazy’.

It’s believed his friend, Ramazan Kavakalan, a 42-year-old forestry worker had tried to provoke him with a lemon as a gag, police claim.


M.O. originally escaped the scene of the crime, but handed himself in to the Turkish gendarmerie in Manisa Province and was then arrested.

A police spokesperson in Izmir, where the murder took place, said:

Kavakalan knew that M.O. had a phobia about lemons and showed him one as a gag. He was at the timber yard collecting wood products for transport when the lemon was shown to him and he went ballistic.

Police say the suspect walked back to his track to get his rifle before walking back into the office to shoot Kavaklan- shooting and killing him with a single bullet.

In a statement to police, M.O. said: “I didn’t have the intention to kill him. I just wanted to scare Ramazan after the lemon joke he made. I am so sorry that I have killed my friend. It is the lemon you see. I cannot stand the sight of them. They make me crazy.”


Kavakalan later died later in the Torbali State Hospital after being raced to the emergency room by an ambulance. He leaves behind his wife and one child.

Our thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.