Man Writes Chilling Apology On Facebook Before Murdering Girlfriend


A man accused of murdering his girlfriend in front of their seven-month old daughter wrote an apology on his Facebook wall hours before the brutal killing.

23-year-old Ethan Reid has been charged with murdering his girlfriend Kaylah Hodges with a shotgun at his mother’s house in Scottsville, Kentucky.

A few hours before allegedly killing Kayla, Reid wrote an odd apology on his Facebook wall asking for forgiveness and explaining that he was ‘pushed to this’.

murdered-fiancee-with-a-shotgunAllen County Detention

He wrote:

Sorry guys. I’m truly not this bad of a person. I’ve been pushed to this point over of time. I’m dissapointed [sic] in myself too. I could have been so much more. It’s so sad.

I’m a terrible person overall. Learn from my mistakes. Just know this was never my intentions. I love all of you. I’m just not meant to be happy. Ever. I’m sorry. I love you all. Xoxo.

According to the Allen County Sheriff Department the couple – whose relationship reportedly ended last week after five years – had been arguing and Hodges was killed after being shot by a 20-gauge shotgun.


The couple’s baby was present during the incident but wasn’t hurt as she was being held by April Riley, Reid’s mother.

Ms Riley explained the confrontation: 

Kaylah handed me the baby and got around me, and Ethan shoved me and the baby back and went after her.

And then I heard a ‘pop’ and when I got to the edge of the hallway I saw her fall out the front door.


After shooting Kaylah, Reid was disarmed by a neighbour who hit Reid with the butt of a shotgun and sat on him until police arrived and arrested him.

Police deputies rushed Kaylah to hospital but she died of injuries.

Tom Percival

Tom Percival

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