Manager Shuts Down Woman’s Unbelievable Reason Why His Venue Ruined Her NYE


The ‘customer is always right’ is a bit of a bullshit cliche used by restaurants everywhere, but on this occasion this manager didn’t think so, and you can understand why…

Restaurant manager of Kilroy’s Bar & Grill, Chris Burton, has had his comments praised by people across the world after hairdresser Holly Jones criticised their staff after tending to a woman having a heart attack of New Year’s Eve instead of sorting out her bill.


Some people can be so selfish. I mean, can you imagine ever going into a restaurant where other people were eating and having a heart attack. How incredibly rude.

So naturally, when staff went to the aid of the dying person, she was so angry by she felt the need to have a mis-informed rant on Facebook. She probably regrets it now…


As well as having the tenacity to slam the restaurant for a manager telling her ‘someone dying was more important than us being here’, she also confused the sick woman for a junkie.

But she wasn’t. The 57-year-old woman – who was today still in critical condition in hospital – had suddenly become ill and suffered a heart attack during a celebratory meal with her husband.

Kilroy's Downtown Indy/Facebook

It’s no surprise that her shocking rant well viral and now Holly has now deleted her Facebook account after a barrage of abuse and claimed it was the work of hackers. Her bosses, Serenity Salon, Fishers, Indianapolis, are now facing calls to sack her.

It’s fair to say Chris had a few choice words for Holly, branding her behaviour as ‘cold-hearted’ and ‘nasty’. He also revealed one of the men who died with Holly secretly have staff extra trips to apologise for her actions.


Fair play to him…