Manchester Arena Attack Survivor Breaks Down Recalling What Happened


An honest and open account of what happened on the night of the Manchester Arena terror attack has been told by one of the concert-goers who is still struggling to come to terms with what happened.

As we all know by now, just last Monday the city of Manchester was attacked when a man by the name of Salman Abedi detonated a suicide belt in the name of a religion he hardly followed.

The attack specifically took place in the foyer of Manchester Arena as thousands began to leave an Ariana Grande at the venue.

Tragically 22 people were killed in the blast, but many many more who were not injured physically have been left with indefinte mental scars.


Rachel Atkinson is one of those people and in an 18 minute video posted to YouTube, Rachel recalls in graphic detail exactly what happened as the unspeakable events took place and tells her story.

More specifically she says:

I can only imagine the guilt [Ariana Grande] feels because I feel it too. Even though we didn’t cause it, you still feel guilty for being ok, for being safe, for not being hurt and for coming out the best you could from a situation like that.

You feel guilty to be happy. I feel terrible, I wish I could have done more but at the time I didn’t know so many had been killed and hurt and I wish I could have gone up there and helped everybody.

Even for me, I got out physically unhurt, I found a loved one, we were both safe, we got out of Manchester. Even for me being the best in that situation, it hurts. The more I see in the news, the more videos I watch, the video of the bang, that initial bang, that sound, it hurts a lot.

Towards the end of the video, a clearly distressed Rachel heartbreakignly begins to break down as she talks about survivors guilt.


She concluded:

To hear Ariana Grande’s music, it hurts, I feel guilty.

It is mentally destroying and it’s just going to take time to get back from what has happened but all I can do is help those who were hurt and who have lost and just be so thankful about how lucky I was Monday night. Any thing could have changed.

You can watch the full heartbreaking video below:

Nobody on Earth should see the things that Rachel and so many other young concert goers on that fateful and tragic night saw.

I just hope that at some point Rachel can move on without the event scarring her permanently.