Manchester Locals Pull Together To House Stranded Victims


In the blurry and horrific aftermath of a fatal incident at Manchester Arena – hundreds, if not thousands, of Manchester residents are taking in stranded victims.

Just a few moments ago Greater Manchester Police confirmed the news that many were dreading: 19 victims confirmed dead after what is being treated as a ‘possible terrorist incident’ at an Ariana Grande concert.

As of yet the cause of the deaths remains unknown however what is certain is that the incident occurred as Ariana Grande fans began to leave the venue after the concert had ended.

However a small glimmer of hope has emerged out of the horror, with countless Mancunian’s posting onto Twitter and Facebook offering up their spare rooms, couches, and sofa beds to anybody who needs it.

In the immediate aftermath of the incident, UNILAD spoke to a number of fans who were there at the time of the reported explosion.

Sebastian Diaz, 19, said:

Just finished and about to leave into the foyer and there was a massive bang, people stood still and panicked. We were going to go back but we got trapped and sprinted out. People didn’t know where to go and loads of young girls were crying.

Adam McKay, 25, described the chaos that followed the loud bang:

There were people covered in blood.

There was a little girl by herself and I helped find her parents. Really bad sights. Just didn’t expect it.

At the minute there are hundreds of police in the area including bomb disposal units.

Our thoughts go out to all those injured and killed in this terrible incident.

More to follow