Manchester United Fan Charges Old Trafford Tourists £20 For Pub Trip

by : UNILAD on : 18 Oct 2015 16:56

Times are hard, and if you can make some cash on the side of your regular job, why not?

That was exactly what one Manchester United fan, Stephen Howson, thought, when he decided to charge people at United’s home games for directions to the pub.

Obviously Stephen realised he’d hit on a bit of a winner, considering most United fans are from London or the Far East – apparently – so have no idea where they’re actually going.

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Along with directions, you get his company, some football banter (probably) and a sing-song.

So successful have these trips to the pub become, he now offers a ‘personal hospitality’ package, that will ‘deliver a great matchday experience’.

It’s not just pub trips you can look forward to.


Oh, no. There are a whole heap of things that Stephen is happy to provide in order to improve a match-day experience, including a trip to the National Football Museum.

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For those who don’t know, and aren’t Manchester based, the pubs are free – you can sing songs without Stephen providing you know the words, and even if you don’t, get on Google.

Oh, and the best bit of the bunch?


The trip to the Football Museum will leave the tourists £20 out of pocket, because it’s free to go in and look around.

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While it’s a pretty clever way to make money, and does teach people who are more prawn sandwich fans than passionate ones a lesson, it’s still a bit of a scam, and probably should be avoided.

Unless you like wasting money like Brendan Rodgers did on utter crap. In which case, you can book one of Stephen’s ‘experiences’ here.

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