Mannequin Challenge Tackles Police Brutality In Most Powerful Video Yet

by : UNILAD on : 09 Nov 2016 01:09
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While this weird Mannequin Challenge thing takes the world by storm, a group of people have decided to jump on the bandwagon to do some good in the world.


The Wrap, have reported that independent film makers, Black in Blue Filmhave created their own much more serious version showcasing the brutality and injustice of the American police and their treatment Black African Americans.

The video posted on social media has had over 1 million views on Facebook and Instagram.

The director behind this powerful footage, Simone Shepherd, a comedian and YouTube vlogger has said the video keeps getting taken down off Facebook, but insists she will ‘just keep reposting it.’


The video demonstrates poignant freeze-framed scenes, depicting this very real issue in the states and potentially world wide.

It starts dramatically with a police officer saying, ‘I told him to get his hands up!” whilst pointing his gun into a car at black man with his girlfriend.


This horrifying scene, recreates the shocking news story, which shook the world earlier in the year, in which the police shot innocent, unarmed Philando Castile in Minnesota.

Normally, the Mannequin Challenge has shown light-hearted images going viral online, of people posing mid-action shot and celebrities getting involved in the jokes.

Even Hilary Clinton had a go.


It’s good to see a viral trend being harnessed for a good purpose, to tackle an extremely important problem and matter of prejudice.


Good work guys.

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