Man’s Impromptu Dr Dre Piano Mashup Is Going Viral


Straight Outta Compton has just hit cinemas so what better time to crack out a piano rendition of a medley of Dr Dre classics?

That’s exactly what one talented pianist did when he sat down to tinkle the ivories at a bar in Arizona, U.S.

Swerving Beethoven and Mozart, this musician opted instead for a hip hop/honky tonk mash-up, treating punters to a classical rendition of Still D.R.E, with What’s The Difference thrown in for good measure.

Unsurprisingly, the video is now going viral because, well, it’s awesome. Just look at how impressed the customers are watching this guy at work.

This guy definitely didn’t forget about Dre. Although we’d like to hear him try a piano version of F*ck Tha Police next time to truly celebrate the release of the NWA biopic.