Man’s Vile Racist Harassment Of Bus Passenger Goes Viral

Facebook/Lukasz Szmidel

A vile, foul-mouthed man took to the top of a Manchester bus to spew a sickeningly racist rant at a man, who presumably was not white, sitting on the bus.

Donning a red tracksuit and an embarrassingly ignorant mindset the racist spouted about how much he had worked and how ‘people like you have come over, people like your fucking family, people like your scroty little fucking kids, those ratty little things’.

An onlooker, Lukasz Szmidel, posted the videos, which are painful to watch, to Facebook claiming the man’s name was Jaimie Macmillan ‘A bad man from Eccles’.

Facebook/Lukasz Szmidel

I thought the first video was hard to watch, but the abuse turns physical when the racist squares up to his victim, wielding a can, and threatening to throw it at his head if he does not get off the bus.

The racist actually threatens to ‘drag his ass to a hospital’, rob the man, as well as assault him with a can all because of his skin colour, citing every racially derogatory word in existence.

The man committing hate crime, says:

I’m going to make your family pay the fucking bills to keep my grandad alive mate. Because you’re not from this country. My grandad is 77 years old, I’ve got to go and witness my grandad dying. Now, get off the bus.

Get off the bus before I bounce this can in your face.

He then follows the victim down the stairs, shouting ‘you’re not from this country’ and ‘you pay no tax, no national insurance’.

The bigoted imbecile then goes on to show that he is not only racist but a moron as well when he says his 77-year-old grandad fought in World War 2. Some quick maths clearly shows that his grandad would have been five-years-old when the war ended (unlikely to remember it, let alone have done any fighting).

The final video shows the man, who has now moved to the bottom of the bus, apologise to the bus driver for being loud, before screaming ‘disgrace’ and chanting ‘brap brap’ while he slams his foot down on the floor.

‘Islam, bang. Daesh, bang’ can be heard as he slams his foot down on the floor before the bus driver pushes him off of the bus.

The video has shocked so many on Facebook and has been shared over 9k times since being posted yesterday evening, with commenters outraged at the level of hate and discrimination.

Facebook/Lukasz Szmidel

Neither the man filming, nor anyone else on the bus appeared to do anything to stop the racial attack, and at the end the bus driver said ‘I apologise about that, I spoke to my operator and he told me to get to Salford’.

Hopefully this footage and the witnesses will aid the arrest of this unacceptable malefactor.