Multiple Fatalities Confirmed In Florida High School Shooting


It’s been confirmed there’ve been ‘multiple fatalities’ in the Florida high school shooting.

Florida Senator Bill Nelson confirmed there have been ‘multiple fatalities’ at Stoneman Douglas High School, following the mass shooting.

Reports also confirmed the gunman involved in the Florida High School Shooting is now in police custody.

Helicopter footage, which has been circulating around American media outlets, shows a man in a red shirt surrounded by police officers whilst in handcuffs. It’s believed the person in question is the gunman.

According to various media reports, at least 20 people were injured in the mass shooting.

The Broward Sheriff’s Twitter account confirmed the shooter has been placed in police custody:

While the identity of the shooter hasn’t been confirmed, Broward Schools Superintendent, Robert Runcie also confirmed there’ve been ‘numerous fatalities’.

He also added the alleged gunman is possibly a former student at the school while other unconfirmed reports suggest the shooter is a pupil who’d been expelled in the past.

Authorities are unable to confirm how many fatalities there are at the time of writing.


According to the Broward Sheriff’s department, there’ve been at least 14 ‘victims’ in the shooting: