Many Injured As Huge Explosion Rocks New York


Police, ambulance, and fire services are currently attending the scene of an explosion in New York City.

Although investigations are ongoing it is thought that 35 people have been injured, and one person is thought to be in a critical state as a result of an explosion and carbon monoxide poisoning.

The explosion took place in Tribeca on West Broadway and Murray Street in Lower Manhattan with the injured being treated at numerous nearby hospitals, reports the Birmingham Mail.

The FBI are also co-operating in the investigation to see what caused the set the explosion off.

It has been reported by the FDNY that a basement fire in an apartment caused the explosion as gas leaked out of a faulty oil burner this morning.

Chief James Leonard said:

We found a defective boiler in the basement with some sort of broken pipe that was producing the CO.

Worryingly police and a bomb squad also investigated a suspicious package found just a few blocks away from Ground Zero, however this is thought to be an unrelated incident.

Ultimately the suspicious package was found to be nothing dangerous however at a time where terrorism is considered a severe risk across the globe, all items which could potentially include dangerous materials have to be treated incredibly seriously.

Our thoughts go out to those injured in the gas explosion. Hopefully they are all able to make a full recovery.