Mara Wilson Fuels Harry Potter-Matilda Crossover Fan Theory


Jersey Films/Warner Brothers
The internet is rife with fan theories, and one that has done the rounds for a few years is the idea that Matilda Wormwood shared the same universe as Harry Potter, and attended Hogwarts .

Fresh life has been breathed into this idea after Mara Wilson, the actor who played Matilda, took to Twitter to develop the tale.

Wilson gave her seal of approval to the notion that Matilda is essentially what would have happened if bookworm Hermione had been raised by the neglectful Dursleys.

The actor added that, like Harry, Matilda would have faced the choice of two houses, Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. And much like the spectacled saviour, she would have opted for Gryffindor.

The 28-year-old does not believe, however, that her character would have been in Harry’s gang, citing age as the biggest barrier between them.

But there would be an appreciative sense of affection for the mischievous threesome in the years below.

Her followers also weighed in with their say too, and the nerdy vs bravery debate was on.

A curve ball was thrown in for good measure too.

Poor old Hufflepuff.