Mariah Carey Speaks Out After Her Epic NYE Concert Meltdown


Everyone knows that pop music is lip-synced and incredibly produced, but Mariah Carey just seriously killed the magic with one truly awful show.

Performing at a televised New Year’s Eve concert in Times Square, New York, Carey seemed to completely forget why she was on stage at all.

She refused to sing when she realised there were no vocals on the track for her to lip sync along to.

After being savaged on Twitter for giving one of the most zero effort performances in the history of pop music Mariah Carey hit back with a damn sassy tweet:

“Shit happens” and an IDGAF gif – of herself.

Does anyone else want gifs of themselves now?

The show itself actually started well, wearing a sequin play-suit thing and feathery coat that looked liked it would be a nightmare to dry clean she performed a tuneful rendition of Auld Lang Syne.

Proving she can sing when she can be bothered.

However, then it all went wrong, according to the New York Times the wrong lip-synced song was played and Mariah flat out refused to sing.

Getty Images

She barrels the camera in disgust for an uncomfortably long time before blurting out, “we’re missing some of the vocals.”

By which she presumably means all of the vocals on the track – because she’s supposed to be singing them.

Which wouldn’t be an issue for, oh I don’t know, a professional singer. But apparently not having vocals on your backing track is a huge deal for Mariah.

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She hums a few noises that sound vaguely like the tune while pouting and looking incredibly pissed off before demanding, “put these monitors on please.”

Presumably because she’s forgotten the words. Which is kind of understandable if you were expecting to just to pretend you care anyway.

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I’m guessing the monitors don’t go on because she does some incredibly lacklustre dancing while wandering around the stage aimlessly before telling the New Year’s crowd, “I’m trying to be a good sport here.”

Mercifully the track comes to an end eventually and Mariah leaves the stage abruptly.

God bless live television for bringing this spectacular footage to us on New Year’s Day when I’m sure we all are feel a bit rough and out of control.

Seems like Mariah is having a worse 2017 than most of us so far.