Marilyn Manson Allegedly ‘Coerced’ Female Fans To Strip While Drunk In ‘Warped’ Tour Bus Game

by : Emily Brown on : 08 Feb 2021 11:06
Marilyn Manson Allegedly 'Coerced' Female Fans To Strip While Drunk In Tour Bus Sex GamePA Images

New allegations against Marilyn Manson claim he forced female fans to strip on his tour bus as part of a ‘warped’ game. 

A number of people have come forward with stories about the singer since his ex-fiancée Evan Rachel Wood vowed last week to ‘expose’ him for ‘horrifically abusing’ her.


Erica Von Stein, a 29-year-old photographer, is among those who have spoken out about Manson, claiming she met the singer after his minders invited her to his tour bus following one of his UK gigs during his 2012 Twins of Evil tour.

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In an interview with The Mirror, Stein alleged she was one of a number of fans escorted to the bus, where Manson gave them alcohol. Manson is said to have used a meet-and-greet to ‘single out’ women to invite to his aftershow party.

She said the singer ‘looked like a regular guy’, and that he initially offered out drinks while a female partner and ‘older groupies, nobody under 30’ were chatting.


Things then took a turn as Manson suddenly ‘wanted to play a game’ and told the fans to take off their t-shirts.

The photographer claimed Manson rated the fans’ chests, saying, ‘He said he wanted to see who had the best t*ts and ass. Everyone was a bit surprised. He made it feel normalised, like it was fun.’

Marilyn MansonPA Images

She continued, ‘He was surrounded by older people and he was domineering. I don’t think anyone felt they could say no.’


Two other women who were said to be on the bus agreed with the claims, with one telling The Mirror, ‘The girls were coerced into it while tipsy. It was an abuse of power.’

Stein said Manson ‘didn’t force anyone’ to play the so-called game, but that he ‘caught [them] off guard’.

She continued:

They stood there while he commented on their boobs and bums. Bras came off but I think pants stayed on.

His partner at the time had a dress on and pulled it to one side so her chest was out. She wasn’t wearing a bra.

Marilyn MansonPA Images

Stein, who was with her boyfriend at the time, then left the bus, recalling, ‘My instinct was to get the f*ck out of there.’

One of the other women, now 28, claimed Manson felt her breasts and asked if they were ‘natural’.

She commented, ‘I was insecure about my boobs so felt better when he said that. My friend won because hers were larger. I didn’t want to be prudish. I was thinking ‘this is a once in a lifetime chance’.’


A third woman, who was 19 at the time of the alleged meeting, says she was given an aftershow pass by one of Manson’s assistants, and that she ‘went along’ with the singer’s ‘game’.

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She said she was ‘shy’, but that Manson ‘flattered’ her, adding:

He touched my breasts. Later I felt gross but I told myself it was just typical rock star behaviour. I blamed myself. It took me years to accept that it was inappropriate.

The woman said she decided to speak out about the situation to raise awareness of Manson’s ‘exploitative behaviour’.

Manson issued a blanket denial of the allegations after Wood first spoke out.

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