Mark Hamill Gives Look At Star Wars: Episode VIII ‘Trailer’


Mark Hamill caused some old fashioned Internet outrage this weekend when he gave us all a look at a Star Wars trailer, just not the one everyone wanted.

Luke Skywalker himself tweeted: “THRILLING NEWS! Got the go-ahead from @rianjohnson to give #UPFS a brief glimpse of an #EP8 TRAILER! RU READY #HAMSTERS? #StayTuned4Details.”

However, unfortunately for fans everywhere the clown prince was simply having some fun at their expense and instead of a movie trailer he posted a picture of himself on the set of Star Wars outside his actual trailer, where he presumably came up with his devious plan.

Yeah it seems that Mark’s fallen to the Dark Side of the Force trolling us all with this, actually, quite funny joke.

Of course the Internet who normally would have roasted such a blatant troll alive, were more than willing to forgive the trickster, Hamill.

Mark seems to be having a great time on the set of Star Wars only last week the actor tweeted a photo of himself riding on Daisy Ridley’s back Yoda style, and he infamously tweeted that Finn was his son.

After his joke, he teased that he’s visiting director Rian Johnson’s house with Daisy Ridley to ‘delve into the mystery that is #EP8’. Which is great, but can we really trust him it’s clear the farce is strong in this one.