Mark Hamill Pulls Off ‘Best Response Ever’ To An Internet Troll

by : UNILAD on : 18 Jan 2018 20:32
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If there’s one thing we know about the internet, it’s full of trolls who just love to get their jollies bullying other people for no real reason.


They tend to be young, socially awkward teens who get off on voicing their opinions on social media – most recently, a lot of them have voiced their extreme displeasure at the new Star Wars movie.

The Last Jedi received an incredible amount of backlash from ‘diehard fans’ for not being consistent with the vision of both JJ Abrams and George Lucas, (despite the fact Lucas’ unfettered vision in the prequels nearly ruined the entire franchise).

To be fair, some of these people who disagree with the direction of the latest instalment in a galaxy far, far away, have legitimate and critical grievances about the film, others just like to moan.

Some people just have to be petty, regardless of the film, about grammar online. We all know the type, the person who calls you up on any slight error in your grammar for absolutely no reason other than to foster a sense of superiority over you. Yeah, that guy.


That’s what happened to Mark Hamill the other day when he tweeted an adorable tweet to his Star Wars co-star Kelly Marie Tran.

He wrote:

SHOUT OUT to Kelly Marie Tran for no particular reason other than your more than brilliant performance in The Last Jedi, being almost criminally adorable & goofy enough to geek out with @chelseahamill almost as if you were a 2nd daughter!

Some unlucky sod thought he’d picked up on a grammatical error in Hamill’s tweet, calling him out for it:

He wrote:

***** You’re *****

Damn #AutoCorrect.


So what did Mark Hamill do?

What does Mark Hamill always do? He responds with humour and class, while playfully putting the dude down.

He replied:

Welcome to Grammar Class, kids! Don’t blame auto-correct: “Your”… performance is correct.

NOT “You’re”…(you are) performance.

Coming soon: There vs Their vs They’re and Looser vs Loser.

Thanks for “you’re” attention. I meant “YOUR”!

Now obviously, the tweet blew up and people proceeded to fawn all over the galaxy’s greatest grey-bearded jedi.

However this wasn’t originally the case and a lot of fans were actually calling for his latest film, The Last Jedi to be remade.

One fan was left so angry after watching The Last Jedi he decided to set up a petition calling on Disney ‘to strike Star Wars Episode VIII from the official canon’ so the events of the film would never have happened in the saga.

Instead it would just be a standalone film despite its ties to the rest of the series.


Only a month after the release of The Last JediStar Wars fanatic Henry Walsh has called for the instalment to be remade in order to save ‘the legacy of Luke Skywalker’.

At the time of writing, the petition has been signed by nearly 100,000 people and to be honest, this just proves what a strange turn fan culture has taken of late.

Hopefully Mark Hamill will school all 100,000 of them too!


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