Married Man Caught Cheating With 17-Year-Old By Daughter In Awkward Video

Youtube / To Catch A Cheater

A married man was caught out in a honey trap by his step-daughter who wanted to see if he’d cheat or not.

Bit snide, but whatever you’ve got to do.

The whole cringe-worthy scene was recorded and uploaded to infamous Youtube channel, ‘To Catch A Cheater’.

Here’s what happened:

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The caption under the video explains how step-daughter Sofia got in touch with ‘To Catch A Cheater’ via Facebook because she’d been suspicious of her step-dad as he was a ‘heavy flirt’ with her.

Sofia’s mum has been married to her stepdad for two years, having been together for ten.

Apparently, Sofia tried to brush his flirting off as him ‘being friendly’, but always felt strange about it.

Youtube / To Catch A Cheater

In the video, which features an anonymous 17-year-old girl who’s been placed to trap Sofia’s step-dad, he actually says he’s single.

They speak for a while before the step-dad asked the girl if she is doing anything that evening. The pair exchange numbers and agree to meet later on and she walks off, leaving him her staring at her.

Sofia said: “That is divorceable. If it wasn’t for the show he would fuck her.”