Martin Shkreli Got ‘Dog Sh*t’ Thrown At His Face


Martin Shkreli is arguably the world’s most hated man.

The pharma douche, who recently made headlines for creeping into a female journalist’s DMs, has a face most Americans would like to punch – and indeed he offered the opportunity up to the highest bidder.

But if there’s anything that can make the world’s most hated man’s smug mug look even more unappealing, it’s a pile of festering dog shit.

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When Shkreli and the extreme right-wing journalist Milo Yiannopoulos were invited to speak at UC Davis by the student-run Davis College Republicans, protesters came out in their hundreds to block access to the venue.

A peaceful protest quickly turned violent and the event was shut down by the authorities when the safety of attendees and protesters alike was compromised.

After the event was cancelled, Shkreli rode on Yiannopoulos’ grubby coattails and used the media frenzy to push his own agenda. He took to the streets to talk to anyone who would lend him an ear.

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In case you missed it, Shkreli earned notoriety by selling pharmaceuticals used to treat AIDS and cancer for 5000 per cent more than they’re worth.

The former hedge fund manager bought the rights to Turing Pharmaceuticals and wildly inflated the price of Daraprim pills from $13.50 (£8.75) to $750 (£577.20).

The immoral businessman was later arrested on fraud charges and charged with illegally pilfering stock from another of his biotech companies, Retrophin Inc, to pay off his own debts.

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According to this video footage, taken by @CaptainHooks, the only thing Shkreli received, however, were angry accusations of facism and a dog shit – which later turned out to be dirt – hurled at his face.

Since, the shit has hit the fan and a debate on Twitter has been sparked questioning whether the morally bankrupt man deserved to be assaulted.

Only one thing is clear: Throwing muck isn’t the best way to tarnish Shkreli’s reputation – he does that pretty well all on his own.