Marvel Release Opening Sequence Of ‘The Punisher’ And It Looks Awesome


Listen up Marvel fans, The Punisher’s episode titles for its very first season have been released shortly after a message in Morse code.

Posted on the official Twitter account for The Punisher, were a sequence of messages disguised in Morse code, which were translated to 13 distinct phrases — the exact same number of episodes which have been commissioned for series. Convenient.

Later on, a video – which could be the titles – was also posted by the account:

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The 13 Morse code phrases appear to be the episode titles for the Daredevil spin-off series.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the messages were encoded into the following: 3 AM, Two Dead Men, Kandahar, Resupply, Gunner, The Judas Goat, Crosshairs, Cold Steel, Front Toward Enemy, Virtue of the Vicious, Danger Close, Home – and Memento Mori.

Here they are:

The account also tweeted the new teaser which featured key art of the main characters, which could be the opening sequence – but there is still yet to be a release date confirmed.

Should be a good’un!