Marvel Universe Live! Coming To The UK

Marvel Universe LIVE! is going on a UK tour.Marvel Universe Live!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has captured the imaginations of cinema goers like no other modern franchise.

The cast of witty, heroic characters, breakneck speed action sequences and shocking plot twists (here’s looking at you Avengers: Infinity War…) combine to completely immerse movie fans, blasting their everyday woes and grievances into outer space.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe provides ample debate for moral philosophy seminars and water coolers alike; as eagerly discussed in pubs as it is in playgrounds. Over the years, it has become a unifying pop-culture force the likes of which has rarely been witnessed outside of Harry Potter fandom.

And now families in the UK can share the joy and the perils of this world of power and loyalty, allegiances and destiny; with a live show unlike any other.

Marvel Universe Live! UK shows are coming.Marvel Universe Live!

Marvel Universe LIVE!, produced by by Disney on Ice’s Feld Entertainment, will mix special effects, 3D video projection mapping with aerial stunts and martial arts to bring Marvel’s heroes and villains to the stage.

Swinging into the UK for the very first time between September 2019 and December 2019, this is an event for any comic book fan’s calendar; complete with pyrotechnics, high-wire antics and motorcycle stunts.

This will undoubtedly be a much different experience to the CGI enhanced world spun out on the silver screen and, dare I say, potentially even more awe inspiring.

As someone who loves the likes of Cirque du Soleil, the thought of how miraculous Spider-Man would look swinging high above the audience is enough to have me ringing up the ticket office pronto.

So what can we expect from the plot of this superhuman spectacular? Marvel Universe LIVE! Age of Heroes will follow heroes such as Black Panther, Black Widow, Iron Man and Thor as they battle against Loki’s dark intentions to rule the universe.

According to the Marvel Universe LIVE! website, producer Juliette Feld explained:

To bring this thrilling production to life, we collaborated with Marvel Entertainment from concept to production.

We found a nearly superhuman cast of aerialists, acrobats and motorcycle riders to portray our heroes and villains.

We transport you through the story from outer space to the Savage Land to New York City and beyond with vast video projection.

We also made advances in technology and character special effects, allowing us to transform Bruce Banner into the Hulk right before your eyes, levitate Doctor Strange, throw Spider-Man’s webs and more.

The show will take place at arenas in Nottingham, London, Sheffield, Glasgow, Liverpool, Newcastle, Manchester and Birmingham.

Priority customer tickets will go on sale as of November 6, before going on general sale on November 16.

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