Mass Brawl Kicks Off At Curry House, Staff Defend Themselves With Heavy Pans


A mass brawl kicked off at a curry house in Kent, when a table of 22 rowdy customers started getting violent with staff, who then defended themselves with frying pans and brooms.

And it was all caught on CCTV.


The middle-aged male customers started disturbing other guests as soon as they were served their first drinks, according to the restaurant owner, Mr Ahmed, who was left with a huge black eye after being repeatedly punched.

He asked the group to quieten down, which they refused to do. So he then asked them to leave, which is when the violence commenced.


Mr Ahmed said:

They wouldn’t let me serve the food. They were getting up and going all over the restaurant and taking over.

They were shouting and using language that was very inappropriate in front of the families and children having their meals.

What a bunch of vindaloo-nies. I’ll get my coat…