Mass Effect: Andromeda Documentary Showcases Game’s Development


After five years of waiting, the fourth entry in the Mass Effect saga is now with us, inviting us to explore a brand new slice of the universe. 

Given that the original trilogy is one of the most well-regraded video game trifectas of all time, one can only imagine the pressure that was on developer BioWare to deliver.

Thankfully, we don’t have to imagine, as GameSpot have produced a wonderful mini documentary showcasing not only the impact of the original Mass Effect games, but also how Andromeda finally came to be. Check ’em out below:

As we all know from half a decade of waiting, Mass Effect Andromeda spent a fair bit of time in development, given that BioWare and publisher EA were clearly keen to get things right, and perhaps to make up for controversial conclusion to the third entry in the series.

Unfortunately the game launched a few days ago to relatively mixed reviews (you can check ours out here).

While the majority of critics praise the combat and a good chunk of the many worlds set out for us to explore, issues have been taken with a simplistic story, a number of technical problems, and the odd wonky facial animation.

Still, the best way to form your own opinion of the latest Mass Effect is – obviously – to play it yourself and see how you like it.

GameSpot have also put together a ton of interviews with various members of the Andromeda team, so if you’re interested it’s definitely worth heading over here to take a look.