Mass Effect Andromeda Gets Epic 5 Minute Gameplay Video



The Game Awards never usually disappoints with all the biggest reveals, and this year is no exception as we were treated to our best look yet at Mass Effect Andromeda. 

We’ve got five full minutes of gorgeous looking gameplay from developer BioWare’s anticipated space epic, complete with extensive commentary to talk us through some of the game’s features.


The central premise of Mass Effect Andromeda is that a select crew have been sent into deep space to find a new home for the human race, and this new footage shows our heroine Ryder exploring one of the game’s many planets – Kadara.

Along for the ride are two unnamed aliens – one a female Turian, the other a Krogan. While we don’t know for sure, previous leaks suggest the Krogan is called Drack.

Obviously who you have as part of your squad has always been important in Mass Effect, and Andromeda looks to be no exception.

The brunt of the video is dedicated to showing off a mix of exploration (driving through a beautiful open world), combat (in lush, large open areas), and scanning for new minerals to better understand the strange new galaxy you’re in – check it out below.

Mass Effect Andromeda should be out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in Spring 2017 – I can’t wait that long.