Mass Effect: Andromeda Gets Intense New Trailer

by : Ewan Moore on : 27 Jan 2017 11:04

Excited for Mass Effect: Andromeda yet? If you’re not, developer BioWare has released a new cinematic trailer to try and get you in the mood. 


And what a trailer it is, teasing out just enough of the game’s story to get us hungry for more, while introducing us to new teammates and the imposing alien villain of the piece.

Check it out below:

Andromeda takes place in a galaxy far, far away from the events of the original trilogy, so while the game won’t directly deal with the conclusion of Mass Effect 3, I’m sure we can expect the off reference.


In this new chapter of the space epic, we’ll be taking on the role of an original character, sent into deep space with a crack team to find a new home for the human race – as such, there’ll doubtless be plenty of strange new aliens to meet and worlds to explore.

Specific plot details remain firmly in the vaults at BioWare, presumably guarded by a Krogan. Hopefully we can all remain spoiler free until the game launches in March, and you can bet your console there’ll be a few twists and surprises along the way.


Mass Effect: Andromeda launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on March 21, while EA Access/Origin members will get a 10 hour free trial ahead of release.

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