Massive Black Hole Appears On Sun, Conspiracy Theorists Fear End Of World

by : UNILAD on : 30 May 2016 13:37

Don’t panic, but an enormous black hole has been spotted in the sun.


Seriously, don’t worry, it’s all fine. Honest. Despite how terrifying this all looks, NASA says that it won’t spell the end of our solar system. Phew.

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory released this jaw-dropping ultraviolet image a few days back, with their scientists insisting that this coronal hole won’t harm us here on Earth.

34A54EA100000578-3612580-image-a-48_1464350054592 (1)34A54EA100000578-3612580-image-a-48_1464350054592 (1)NASA/SDO

They also grabbed some incredible footage of the ‘monstrous’ hole painting almost half of the sun’s visible surface completely black.


According to NASA, coronal holes are ‘low-density regions of the sun’s atmosphere’ and due to their lower temperatures appear to be much darker than its surroundings.

34A54E9B00000578-3612580-image-a-47_1464350030719 (1)34A54E9B00000578-3612580-image-a-47_1464350030719 (1)NASA/SDO

The human eye is unable to see coronal holes, but are visible in the ultraviolet light spectrum and can be recorded using certain cameras, telescopes, and other specialised scientific instruments.

However, conspiracy theorists are concerned that this latest phenomenon could be a sign that the sun is disintegrating:


I think it’s okay to say that we’re all safe, for now.

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