Massive Shock As General Election Ends With Hung Parliament


Tonight is without doubt a night to remember. A snap election called, expected to bring about a gargantuan Tory victory, has gone so far the other way.

It has been a triumphant night for Jeremy Corbyn and one of horror for Theresa May – with many, including Jeremy Corbyn, calling for her resignation.

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As the exit-polls predicted, the result was a hung parliament. The Conservatives were unable to secure a majority win, 326 seats out of the 650 available, and will thus require either a coalition, or will run as a minority government.

The only other option for Theresa May would be to call another election.


Though the day is young and the answer is still hours away the most likely conclusion is that the Tories will ask for the help of the DUP over in Northern Ireland.

In the aftermath of the shock result, many are calling for the resignation of Theresa May who has visibly and drastically failed to do exactly what she set out to do when she called the snap election back in April.

More to follow