Massive Superyacht Caught Squeezing Down Tiny Dutch Canal

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Massive Superyacht Caught Squeezing Down Tiny Dutch Canaltomvanoossanen/Instagram

A massive superyacht has been filmed making its way through narrow Dutch canals.

The 94-metre-long vessel, Project 817, was built by shipyard Feadship and needed to be transported from its facility in Kaag to the port of Rotterdam, which is surrounded by the North Sea.


Pictures captured by photographer Tom van Oossanen show a remarkable scene, as the gigantic yacht squeezes its way through tightly-packed rows of houses and shops.

Pulled along and guided by much smaller tugboats, the yacht’s huge size makes its surroundings appear minuscule.


As per Feadship‘s website, Project 817 is set to make her journey to Abu Dhabi this year and is one of the largest to be launched in 2021.


Oossanen told CNN that this route is often used to transport superyachts to ports and sees around four to six vessels each year, however, few are as big as Project 817.

‘It’s always quite an operation. Everyone loves to see it,’ he said, adding that while it makes for spectacular photography, it causes havoc for city-dwellers.


He says that if you happen to have a doctor‘s appointment on the day, chances are, you aren’t going to make it due to the slow, careful nature of the transfer.


‘It takes a long time. No one is in any rush, because you don’t want to scratch the paint,’ he said, adding, ‘[The captains] are very experienced in what they’re doing. There’s obviously a lot of money involved, so you want to do things properly.’

‘Sometimes it takes an hour to go through a bridge, and with the amount of traffic we have in Holland, it soon builds up,’ he said.


Despite the disruption, shipyards don’t have any other options, as the canal is the only way to the sea.


‘[The two shipyards] are actually quite far from the North Sea, so in order to transport the yachts to sea, they need to pass a small canal to Rotterdam. There’s only one way to go,’ Oossanen explains.

This also likely played a role in the designing and building of the ship, he says, adding that designers would have been well aware of the space limitations associated with the canal.


‘This boat has been fully designed to actually fit the waterway. So [the designers] probably couldn’t add another centimetre to her length or another centimetre to her width,’ he said.


He added, ‘They maximised the design by using the limitations of bridges and waterways, which is quite interesting.’

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