Massive Wormhole Appears In The Sky – Millions Of People Freak Out

by : UNILAD on : 09 Nov 2015 15:26

This astonishing picture has gone viral and it’s no wonder why…


These kind of natural events are an ultra-rare phenomenon, so it’s no surprise everyone is freaking the fuck out. But what exactly is it?


Well, conspiracy theorists thought it was a ‘de-cloaking UFO’ (as you do), whilst a few others think it’s a terrifying government experiment. Hmm, maybe not.

Experts confirmed it was a fallstreak hole, which is caused when ice crystals form quickly form from supercooled water, causing both the crystals and surrounding water droplets to suddenly evaporate, leaving a hole in the cloud.


Reddit user big_mac_heart_attack shared the incredible image- which captured the wonders of nature – over the weekend in eastern Victoria, Australia.

As it always does, the internet brought up those with the wildest fantasies to speculate about an alternative answer. 

One alien believer suggested it was a ‘cloaked ship’, ‘a mothership waiting to land’… righttt. Others simply thought it was our governments trying to poison us all. With HailToUltron saying: “Pretty sure that’s just more government chemical spraying their population into passivity. Thanks Obama.” Yeah of course, that’s the one!

The other two million or so people took it a little bit less seriously. Cobrapip joked: “The DeathEaters have returned”, whilst another onlooker simply said: “That is some A-grade cloud porn.”

Cloud porn? Well, whatever floats your boat…

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