Matt Damon And Jimmy Kimmel Try To Finally End Their Feud


It seems that the on-going feud between Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel is no closer to being being resolved, despite the pair once again resorting to couples therapy to sort out their issues.

For those not in the know, Jimmy and Matt have a long and bitter history because of the talk show host’s unfair and steadfast refusal to allow Damon to appear on the show.

In a desperate attempt to sort out their issues the pair agreed to go to couples counselling and talk through their dispute, despite Damon basically assaulting Kimmel the last time they tried this.

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Unfortunately the councillors best efforts are in vain and end with the pair once again fighting, mainly because Kimmel compares Damon to a giant penis.

This isn’t the only desperate move Matt’s made to try and make his way on to Kimmel’s show. During the 2015 Oscars special he resorted to hiding under Ben Affleck’s coat but was quickly rumbled by Kimmel.

Of course in reality the pair’s bitterness is nothing but an in-joke between the two and we’re pretty sure there’s no real bad feeling between them – we hope…