Matt Gaetz’s ‘Years Of Venmo Transactions’ And ‘Thousands Of Photos And Videos’ Given To Feds

by : Emily Brown on : 13 Aug 2021 15:11
Matt Gaetz's 'Years Of Venmo Transactions' And 'Thousands Of Photos And Videos' Given To Feds PA Images

‘Years’ worth of Venmo transactions and ‘thousands of photos and videos’ are said to have been handed over to federal agents investigating Florida congressman Matt Gaetz. 

Republican lawmaker Gaetz is currently under investigation for allegedly paying partners for sex, sleeping with a minor and transporting the minor across state lines, as well as possible obstruction of justice.


Allegations against Gaetz claim he met the minor through former Seminole County tax collector Joel Greenberg, who is also described as the congressman’s ‘one-time wingman’.

Matt Gaetz (PA Images)PA Images

Greenberg has been cooperating with prosecutors handling Gaetz’s investigation, part of which reportedly involves him steadily providing information and handing over potential evidence that could implicate Gaetz, according to sources cited by ABC News.

The former tax collector is said to have provided investigators with years’ worth of evidence of Venmo and Cash App transactions, thousands of photos and videos and access to personal social media accounts.


Gaetz has denied any wrongdoing and has not been charged with any crime, though private messages sent in September 2018 and reviewed by ABC News are thought to shed new light on how Greenberg allegedly met women online who were paid for sex before introducing them to Gaetz, as well as other associates.

Joel Greenberg (PA Images)PA Images

The Google Voice texts appear to show Greenberg texting with a woman he met online, discussing payments and asking the woman, who was reportedly of legal age, if she would take drugs.

Greenberg is then said to have tried to arrange a get-together with the woman which also included Gaetz and one of the woman’s friends. He sent a photo of Gaetz to the woman, writing ‘my friend’ as an indication he would be the one joining him in the get-together.


In response, the woman is said to have written: ‘Oooh my friend thinks he’s really cute!’

In May, the tax collector pleaded guilty to multiple federal crimes including sex trafficking of a minor and introducing her to other ‘adult men’ who also had sex with her while she was underage. He also agreed to provide ‘substantial assistance’ to prosecutors in their ongoing investigation.

Matt Gaetz (PA Images)PA Images

Harlan Hill, a spokesperson for Gaetz, responded to the allegations of the text messages in a statement, saying:


After months of media coverage, not one woman has come forward to accuse Rep. Gaetz of wrongdoing. Not even President Biden can say that. That others might invite people unbeknownst to a U.S. Congressman to functions he may or may not attend is the everyday life of a political figure. [ABC’s] story references people the congressman doesn’t know, things he hasn’t done and messages he neither sent nor received.

Rep. Gaetz addressed the debunked allegations against him — and their origin in an extortion plot — during his Firebrand podcast episode last week. People should download and watch.

Gaetz has appeared to distance himself from Greenberg since news of the investigation came to light, though he reportedly previously described Greenberg to acquaintances as his ‘wingman’.

Greenberg’s attorney, Fritz Scheller, responded to the allegations to say only that Greenberg had ‘executed a plea agreement with the government and will continue to honour his obligations pursuant to that agreement.’

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