Matt LeBlanc Reveals A LOT About New Top Gear Series


Matt LeBlanc shared a hell of a lot of gossip when appearing on The Graham Norton Show last night to promote Top Gear, which is returning to our screens on Sunday. 

The eagerly anticipated reboot of the petrol headed show comes just a year after previous host Jeremy Clarkson was suspended for punching a Top Gear producer.

Appearing on the chat show, new host Matt LeBlanc revealed that the show had been filmed across both the UK and Ireland, while also speaking about one of the program’s exciting new UK vs USA challenges.

carBBC / YouTube

Speaking with Graham Norton, LeBlanc said:

It’s the reliant robin. These are the reliant rialto’s, which is the upgrade. And they cut the roof off because it was going to be raining and they thought, it’s going to be raining, better have no roof.

So we had to drive from London to Blackpool in those… Mine broke down about ten times and Chris had his fixed or something. I mean it’s the USA vs the UK, we’re in English cars. His is painted in the union jack colours, mine the stars and stripes – and mine breaks down repeatedly, his ran like a clock… Go figure.

He then went on to slam Blackpool – but I can hardly blame him for that one…

But Matt wasn’t finished, as he explained why he looked so happy in this picture of him and a girl on her hen-do.

‘She had a very short skirt on,’ he added, laughing.

But Joey from Friends isn’t the only one talking about the show. Co-host, Chris Evans, has also shed some light by claiming that the show will not feature any of Jeremy Clarkson’s ‘blokey and blustery’ humour – sounds great then.

According to the Daily Mail, the new rendition of the much loved motor show will feature far less controversial scenes than it did beforehand.


Lashing out at Clarkson’s smug and ‘racist’ humour, such as when he referred to Asians as ‘slopes’ and Mexicans as ‘flatulent’, Evans said:

I don’t think they’re jokes anyway. I don’t think they’re funny. I loved their shows so much, and those little quips, they added nothing to the show, whatsoever.

The new series of Top Gear will air Sunday at 8pm on BBC2.