Matthew Perry Reveals His All-Time Favourite Chandler Line

by : UNILAD on : 30 Mar 2017 16:58

It must have been a tough call, but Matthew Perry has revealed his favourite Friends line – and it was a bit of a strange choice…


There was nothing quite like the pure comedy genius of Friends back in the 90s heyday, so it’s always nice to get a little refresher on some of the killer lines we’ve absorbed into our repertoire.

Matthew Perry appeared on Good Morning America yesterday to chat about his latest, creepy looking series, The Kennedys, about well, the Kennedys and it’s a far cry from his old comical role.


Chandler Bing was king of the puns and witty put downs, in our favourite NYC sitcom, so it must have been hard to pick his all-time favourite line.


But pick it he did, and had the clip ready and waiting for his appearance on the morning show. And although it’s definitely up there in terms of Friends-quote gold, I wouldn’t have put it down as Chandler’s absolute best.

The clip opened with Chandler and Joey having a chat in their flat before Joey offers Chandler a little gem of advice.

Joey said:

You should go see Frankie, my family’s been going to him forever. He did my first suit when I was 15… no wait, 16… no, excuse me, 15… when was 1990?

To which Chandler replied:

OK. You have to stop the Q-tip when there’s RESISTANCE!

Here’s the hilarious clip:


It’s undeniably funny, and up there among Chandler’s ‘corkers,’ just his number one line of all time?

It’s pretty damn hard to pick though and he did go for a good one, but now it makes me want to go through all of the old tapes to find his ultimate quote, but perhaps that’s taking things a little too far…

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    Matthew Perry opens up about 'The Kennedys' | GMA