Mayor Hired Leather-Clad Stunt Women For Family Bonfire Night Display


Bonfire celebrations got off to an early start in the UK town of East Grinstead last saturday, and the hiring of two scantily leather-clad women for the evening’s entertainment has caused a minor uproar.

The event, as most bonfire nights are, was aimed at entertaining a family audience, but when Samantha Harberd and Flic Louise showed up in not very much at all, many questioned if their performance was suitable for kids.

The two put on a daring stunt display that left the crowd in awe, perhaps not all for the same reason.

The show included angle-grinding, with sparks flying from their crotches 20ft into the cold night sky, and fire-breathing, all while the performers wore nothing but a skimpy leather one-pieces.


But the town mayor, the mind-blowingly named Dick Sweatman, has defended the display, suggesting more people were concerned with their safety than how their clothing was perceived.

He said:

I don’t think anyone minded that the girls’ were dressed in skimpy outfits.

Their performances were very theatrical and I think everyone enjoyed it.

I think most people were just worried about them being cold.”


The stunts are undeniably impressive, but it is hard to take any defence seriously from a man whose name sounds like a consequence of the performance.