Mayweather’s Son Makes Huge Announcement About McGregor Rematch


After what has been dubbed ‘the biggest fight in history’, McGregor and Mayweather are probably looking for a well-earned break.

But that hasn’t stopped fans the world over from speculating at a potential rematch between the two.

Well, according to TMZ Sports, there’s absolutely no chance of that happening.

TMZ spoke to Floyd’s son Koraun after the fight this weekend, and he confirmed that Floyd won’t be stepping back into the ring.

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He said:

No chance. No chance. No rematch. Officially done. He’s 40, gotta realise that. He’s an old man.

This confirms Mayweather’s sentiments after the fight when he told reporters ‘tonight was my last night for sure’.

It makes complete sense, Mayweather’s record is now 50-0, which is as neat and perfect a record as he’s ever going to have.

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So it’s no surprise that he’s hanging up his gloves right now.

Not to mention the fact that he apparently walked away with $400 million from the fight, with McGregor coming home $100 million richer.

There’s no real incentive for them to fight again, and it probably wouldn’t be as interesting as it was this time.

But still, it’s sad to know that this is the last time Money will set foot in the ring.