McCanns Given Huge News In The Search For Madeleine

by : UNILAD on : 07 Aug 2017 18:05

Police on the lookout for Madeleine McCann have requested more funding to stop the investigation from closing.


They believe they are getting closer to finding her kidnapper.

It has been a decade since Kate and Gerry McCann’s daughter went missing in Portugal back in May 2007.

Now they have new hope that this tragic ongoing story will come to a positive end.

Without new funding, Operation Grange could be shut in just three weeks.


Family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said:

Kate and Gerry are extremely thankful to the Metropolitan Police for requesting extra funding.

They are very encouraged there remains work to be done that requires them seeking an extra budget. They are hoping, naturally, it will be granted.

They are grateful to all those officers who are still working on the case and are actively looking for Madeleine.

They appreciate everything the police have done and are doing to get a resolution after all this time.

Operation Grange was launched in 2011 after the Portuguese investigation was closed in 2008.

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