McDonald’s Introduce Burger That will Make You Drool


If like myself you believed that fast food had hit its zenith with the KFC Double Down then I’m afraid to say you weren’t thinking filthy enough. 

The mad McDonald’s burgineers have crafted a pork burger with a layer of delicious cheese in the middle of it, that’s right it’s a deep friend cheesy bacon sandwich which will have drunks across the world drooling.

It’s called the ‘cheese katsu burger’ and is a combination of lovely golden cheddar and pork cutler. Unfortunately Rnald McDonald, the sadistic fuck, has only made the sandwich available in Japan.

We can only pray that one day the cheese katsu will arrive here in Blighty, but we’ve been burnt before remember the truffle fries? No me either because they never arrived in the country!

Here’s the advert that’s currently running for the sandwich…

While we don’t speak Japanese it’s pretty obvious that the general idea is the sandwich is capable of reducing anyone who eats it to a puddle of post-orgasmic goo.

Now it you’ll excuse me I’m off to Maccies…