McDonald’s Is Doing A Three-Course Mother’s Day Meal For £10


What’s the best way to show your mother you love her, truly and unconditionally? By taking her to McDonald’s of course.

There’s no better way to tell your mum – who carried you in her womb for nine months, pushed your ungrateful backside out into the world and proceeded to feed you and clothe you – than with a three-course meal courtesy of the multi-billion-dollar fast food chain we all love. Not to mention the great hangover cure it’ll provide following the Saturday night before!

This Mother’s Day, Maccy D’s is offering a special three-course meal for those celebrating, all for the price of £10.


Before you go running to your nearest branch, it’s worth bearing in mind the offer is only available at one restaurant in Newcastle.

Speaking to the Chronicle Live a McDonald’s spokesperson said:

The Northumberland Street restaurant were really eager to get another event planned due to the success of the Valentine’s experience and how well everyone responded to it throughout the North East.

McDonald’s Northumberland Street is popular with families so doing a Mother’s Day meal seemed a really great idea to bring families together and enjoy something different.


Lucky mums get to pick from a wide range which features all the Maccy D’s classics including: Mozzarella Dippers, Four Nuggets or Carrot Sticks with Philadelphia for starters.

Their signature Collection Burger, Big Mac, Chicken Legend, Fillet O’Fish or Veggie Burger is on the menu as a main course and a McFlurry, Fruit Bag, Muffin or an Apple Pie (both served with a choice of either whipped cream or ice cream) for dessert.

For more information on the offer, or to book a table, you can call 0191 2305562 or email [email protected]

The fast-food chain has certainly been keeping everyone on their toes.

Today, March 8, those who follow the ‘Big M’ on social media, will have noticed they’ve flipped their iconic Golden Arches logo upside-down.

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The surprise move was their unique way of celebrating International Women’s Day, as well as to ‘commemorate the movement for women’s rights’.

Lauren Altmin, a McDonald’s spokeswoman, said:

We have a long history of supporting women in the workplace, giving them the opportunity to grow and succeed.

In the US we take pride in our diversity and we are proud to share that today, six out of 10 restaurant managers are women.

Wendy Lewis, McDonald’s Chief Diversity Officer, said in a statement:

For the first time in our brand history, we flipped our iconic arches for International Women’s Day in honor of the extraordinary accomplishments of women everywhere and especially in our restaurants.

From restaurant crew and management to our C-suite of senior leadership, women play invaluable roles at all levels and together, with our independent franchise owners, we’re committed to their success.


If you can’t get to the Newcastle store then fear not – why not make your own McDonald’s ‘Monster Mac’.

Have a look at UNILAD‘s video below:

Happy International Women’s Day!