McDonald’s Worker Posts Creepy Puns Tinder Girl Used To Hit On Him


It’s no secret that Tinder can unearth a lot of creeps.

With over one billion profiles on the dating app, people (and their pick-up lines) have to be memorable, and sometimes that can lead you to a few, well, whackjobs.

There are the people who seem completely normal before you meet them but turn out to be a basket case, and then there are the people who seem weird and end up being pretty damn cool – although very few of us know what the latter feels like.

And then there are people like Ashley.


When one guy took to Tinder, he matched with a girl named Ashley. Lucky for him, the key to her heart seemed to be in his bio.

But instead of throwing an ‘I’m lovin’ it’ pick-up line in there or asking for a lifetime supply of milkshakes, she hurled a storm of raunchy McDonald-related puns at him.

What resulted was an uncomfortable conversation from a woman who loves McD’s just a little too much:


As if she wasn’t already blunt enough, Ashley swerved from the puns and got straight to business, insisting the McDonald’s employee ‘cum inside’ of her:



Typically speaking, you usually only see this kind of ‘douchebag bro’ behaviour with men. Obviously that was not the case this time.

Imgur user Motobmurray originally shared the conversation on the platform and told the haters to ‘think what you want to think.’

I think I’ll avoid eating McDonald’s for a while…