Media Has A Field Day Invading Justin Bieber Mystery Girl’s Private Life


I’m just gonna bring this iconic selfie back

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Remember when we reported Justin Bieber had kick-started his creepy week by enlisting his army of fans to hunt down a girl whose photo he liked the look of?

Well they found her, and proceeded to unleash their full crazy in her general direction, causing her to post this on her Instagram.

And according to an incredibly invasive article by the Daily Mail the girl in question is 17-year-old Cindy Kimberley, and she’s Spanish.

Cindy is a student who also offers her services as a babysitter, charging about £3 an hour, with the the Daily Mail noting that her ‘willingness to work is admirable’…

They’ve even uncovered her old CV, posted when she was 16. And not content with just that, they dug into her criminal record, and discovered she once broke a by-law by drinking in the street.

And the comments from the Mail‘s mainly middle-aged audience were also pretty creepy:

Untitled-1Daily Mail

So yeah, there you go – the girl whose privacy Justin Bieber ruined.