Meet The Real-Life Vampire Who Sleeps In Coffin And Drinks Blood Regularly


The life of a vampire seems pretty cool: sleep all day, never get old, live forever. But would you ever really want to live as one?

I mean, there are some major downsides. You have to sleep in a coffin, drink blood, and you can pretty much never take a holiday or eat garlic bread otherwise you’ll burn and die. But apparently that’s all pretty appealing to one man.

Darkness Vlad Tepes aka Jack Watchorn from Blackburn claims he has been living as a vampire for 13 years. He sleeps in a custom-made coffin, and has a diet that consists of cow’s blood, pig’s blood, and human blood substitute. Whatever that is.

And he just wants to be accepted like everyone else.


The 25-year-old told the Lancashire Telegraph:

I went into the pub with two mates and a lad piped up and asked if I was abused as a child when I was young because of the way I look.

I felt so ashamed and embarrassed that I would get asked such a personal question based on my choice of lifestyle.

Everyone has their beliefs and I don’t believe I should be persecuted for following mine.

I might be a vampire but I just want to be treated like everyone else.

Darkness says his secret vampire life was always kept under wraps until he ‘came out’ two years ago, and explains that he was first introduced to the lifestyle through a cult that initiated him.

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He said:

I first learnt about vampires when I was 13 and growing up in Galway.

I was taking my dog for a walk through the woodlands and I saw a group of girls dressed up and I thought they were zombies.

I ran home because I was scared at first, but then I became really curious.

One day I found them again, and they initiated me into their coven, and I have been a vampire ever since.

But don’t think he’s just another Edward Cullen, Darkness says there’s ‘a lot of preconceptions about being a vampire from films and books like Twilight or Dracula’ and that being a vampire means believing that he has ‘a living body but a dead soul.’

But being a vampire doesn’t come with all the perils you see in films. He added: “Garlic doesn’t affect me and I can quite happily walk around in the sunlight.”

To each their own, I suppose.