Meet The Sniper Protecting British Troops On The ISIS Frontline

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Out on the highest point of the Al Asad air base in Iraq, sits one of the UK’s most fearsome trained killers, primed and ready to kill.


The anonymous British sniper – known as the Colour Sergeant – spends his days, constantly on watch-guard, sitting on top of a roof, defending 250 British troops from ISIS.

The soldier already has 47 kills under his belt and spends his days silently waiting for a jihadist to approach the camp in the Anbar province, reports the Daily Mail.

The brave Colour Sergeant sits alone, his finger always on the trigger and is the very first line of defence if the camp is approached by ISIS militants. His mission is simple, if terrorists approach, he shoots them dead before they get anywhere near the gates to the air base.


His identity cannot be exposed for his and his family’s safety, as scarily they have already had many threats from terrorists. The sniper can shoot an attacker from a mile away and once killed an intruder from an insane 1431 metres.

The defender-number-one, has killed the most people on Operation Herrick in Afghanistan and carries a card outlining rules of engagement that British soldiers have to adhere to.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, he said:

We would be the first ones to shoot if someone comes near us. Nobody has dared yet while we’ve been here.


The heroic shooter, has served in the Army for 20 years and is ‘the eyes and ears of the base.’ He sees everyone coming in and everyone going out, never missing a beat and sending intelligence reports back to the camp.

During his 12 hour shifts, he profiles patterns, movements and behaviour for any being around the camp-base, so any unusual or suspicious-looking activity will be picked up on and reported back in seconds.


He told The Mail:

We are the ones with eyes on the ground. It is grabbing all that intricate detail that you think nothing of and telling higher command and hopefully they can grab intelligence from it.

We sit in a certain place, the locally employed civilians comes in, they are held in a certain place and then we sit there and get a pattern of life on them.


The soldier has served in Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and Northern Ireland and has held the role of ‘sniper’ for 13 years.

He said:

If it is posing an imminent threat to life, we will escalate the force, we have a number of options at our disposal including a .338 sniper rifle or javelin missile.

I don’t want to be a soldier and not do my job, especially such a job like this. I’ve been in it 20 years now and it is something you are trained to do.

Not in a sadistic way, it is something you enjoy. I would go to Mosul tomorrow if I could. Everyone is itching to go out.


The sniper’s greatest achievement – by his own admission – was shooting dead a Taliban member who had just killed a policeman in Afghanistan – from 300 metres away, through an 18 inch hole,

He said:

There were single rounds coming in every 20 minutes. I went to a roof and lay there for a bit. As soon as he popped out I got him.


The fearless British troops are currently out there, protecting 2000 soldiers at the base, including those of U.S and Danish nationalities.

While it sounds like pretty scary stuff, it’s incredible that there are people brave enough out there willing to take their lives into their own hands to protect us from ISIS and the threat of terrorism.

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    Primed for action, the sniper who's logged 47 kills: Colour sergeant who targets suicide bombers has shot an insurgent from 1,650 yards away